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New Mighty Mo 6
Cable Management System

Different by Design.

A complete, advanced racking system specifically
designed for higher density cabling system
applications such as premise networks,
data centers and SANs.

The new Mighty Mo 6 was designed to be different! It offers advanced features designed to reduce the cost of installation and extend the life of your system, while addressing your unique cable management needs.

See how different can be so much better!

Mighty Mo 6 Features:

  • Patented channel construction that includes a top trough with built-in waterfall
  • Innovative, high-capacity vertical management "cage" with individual 1-rack unit fingers, and a double-hinged door that opens either to the left or right
  • Rack unit markings make mounting equipment and patch panels easy
  • Available in 7' or 8' heights with either a 10.5" or 16.25" channel depth
  • The 16.25" channel accommodates large or heavy equipment
  • Fully compatible with the Mighty Mo 6 Server Rack
  • Complete array of accessories, including our new horizontal cable managers, now with covers

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